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Superior Home Comfort From the Original Air Conditioner Makers

Carrier is one of the largest air conditioning companies in the world and has a reputation for quality and efficient products. Carrier has been credited as the inventor of the modern air conditioner back in 1902. Since then, the brand has consistently made an efficient and long-lasting air conditioner that provides superior comfort and temperature control for your home. Carrier Air Conditioners are a popular choice and a renowned brand among homeowners since they’re the cost-effective cooling system for homes to beat the heat. But like all home equipment, Carrier air conditioning units need maintenance to prolong their lifespan from constant usage.

At Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in providing the best heating and cooling services available and we will surely extend the life of your HVAC system. For over two decades, we have provided sales, repairs, installations, and maintenance plans to our customers to help keep their units in optimal condition. If you have a Carrier unit currently having problems or are thinking of upgrading your existing one with a newer, more efficient model, we can help you get a suitable system for your home specifications and needs. With the innovations of the Carrier brand, you can expect better SEER rating on your equipment and lower utility bills. With the latest Carrier products, you can start the road for long term savings.

When it’s time for a new A/C unit for your home, call our experts for a thorough and hassle-free Carrier air conditioning system installation. We provide professional, experienced service from the first inspection through the final check for a polished project that will give you satisfying results. For all your Carrier heating and cooling, nothing can beat Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning.

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