Five Unusual Furnace Smells and It’s Meaning

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Unusual Furnace Smells

In the United States, the furnace is one of the essential parts of your home’s HVAC system. Over the chilly season, it helps keep yourself warm, and during the hot summer days, it distributes cold air using the same blower motor. 

Are you aware that it makes sense that with all this wear a smell or two is bound to rise up? But not all smells are created the same. Some are absolutely normal while others are an indication of problems. In this blog, we’re sharing the five most common unusual furnace smells and what they mean.

1) Burning Dust : Bruning dust is one of the most common smells that you may encounter with your furnace. If you turned on your furnace for the first time in a season or two, you are likely to smell something akin to burning dust. If ever you’re wondering what this smell all about, it’s actually dust burning off the system. Once you smell this, there’s nothing to be concerned about because burning dust is a normal smell and should dissipate after the first use of the season.

2) A Strong Metallic or Plastic Smell : Do you know that the parts of a heater are designed to withstand a silly amount of heat? That’s just how they work! Unfortunately, there are some parts that can get old and start to come up short, fail, or overheat. In the scenario that you smell something like burning plastic or metal coming from your vents, it may be a sign that a section or part in your furnace is overheating. In case you smell this, you try to turn off your heating system and plan an appointment with an expert as soon as possible.

3) Rotten Eggs or Sulfur : Are you aware that most heaters run on natural gas? Be reminded that the incredible thing about natural gas is that it can control several appliances, the downside is that natural gas is incredibly flammable. Moreover, natural gas is odorless. To resist this, gas businesses or companies include a chemical to the gas itself to give it sulfur or rotten egg smell.

The gas smells so solid and strong because if breathed in, it may lead to a litany of health problems or concerns. In case you smell rotten eggs or sulfur in your place, you must take it more seriously. Turn off the heating system and contact an HVAC expert to find the gas leak and fix it.

4) Mold or Mildew : We all know the disgusting smell of mold and mildew. It’s not pleasant. Always put in mind that the last place you need to detect this kind of smell is in your air vents. If ever the smell of mold or mildew begins to penetrate your home, it’s time to call and hire the HVAC specialists at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning.

Typically, a mold or buildup smell means fungus and other microorganisms have found a home in your ductwork. You would need to take good care of it immediately since prolonged mold exposure can have serious health repercussions.

5) Gym Socks : Do you remember when we could go to exercise centers or gyms and could change in the locker room? That bad smell is so distinct we could pick it out in anyplace, even in our own living place. If you ever notice that your home smells like exercise center socks or a locker room, it’s not the clothing piled in the corner, it might be your furnace or heating system.

A gym sock smell could be a sign that bacteria and other microorganisms are growing on your furnace’s system coils. During the transition from AC to furnace season, your coils tend to get chilly, then heat up so fast. This quick shift in temperature could result in condensation buildup which might lead to bacteria development. If your home does smell of gym socks, even if you haven’t been to the exercise center or gym, it’s time to call an HVAC specialist for a fast solution.

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