Top Reasons Why An Annual Furnace Tune-Up Is Essential

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Annual Furnace

There are many advantages of your furnace tune-up, and keeping them good in working annually is the secret. It will help keep your home comfortable. As well as save you time because you are less likely to require extra service. Especially in emergencies when most heating and cooling companies are at their busiest.

The following are the five (5) top reasons why you should have your furnace tuned up regularly:

Keeping Your Family Safe

The furnace produces heat by burning the fuel. The combustion process should be accurate to preserve the efficiency and protection of the system. Cracks and leaks in your system can cause carbon monoxide to rise to dangerous levels. Don’t gamble on the safety and wellbeing of your family.

Ensuring Proper Airflow

For the proper operation of your furnace, adequate airflow is the key. Our technician here at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning checks your heating system during the furnace tune-up to ensure it has proper airflow. Limiting or limiting the airflow puts additional strain on the furnace and can result in costly repairs and decreasing your furnace’s useful life.

Lessens Emergency, Costly Repairs

We receive several emergency calls every winter that could have been avoided with having regular preventive maintenance service. A furnace tune-up detects possible issues before they turn into serious repairs in the long run, in addition to cleaning and filter replacement that keeps your furnace working efficiently.

Improves Efficiency

The cleaning and testing of the furnace burner and heat exchanger are part of our furnace tune-up services. This will ensure that your furnace works at its highest performance, in addition to ensuring safe operation, resulting in lower heating costs.

Maintains Its Warranty

It is necessary to have an annual furnace tune-up if your furnace is under warranty. In order not to void the warranty, some manufacturers demand that it must be maintained regularly. A regular tune-up of the furnace will fulfill this requirement and retain its warranty.

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