Usual Things To Check When Furnace Stops Working

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The furnace produces heat that can comfort you during the chilly season. Unfortunately, you are shivering from the cold even though you are not outside because your furnace has stopped working. The first concern that may pop-up in your mind is, “What should I do with it?”

Here are some important things that you need to check or consider before calling an expert:

  1. Thermostat settings
  • You always make sure that it’s switched to heat. Otherwise, it won’t alert your furnace to produce heat. 
  1. Furnace filter
  • Dirty and clogged filters can cause an overheat to your furnace. It can also block the heat coming from your device. Turn it off for your safety.
  1. Circuit breaker
  • You should check your furnace’s breaker because it may have tripped. You can reset it in the middle or turn it off.
  1. Furnace Switch
  • Check the switch, and if it was off, take some time to start your furnace. You should set it in the up or on position.

The above information can help you save yourself and your family from a harmful situation. If the problem doesn’t relate to the following suggestions, don’t hesitate to hire an expert for some assistance. Don’t waste time, call and book an appointment in Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning now!